The Thrill of the Vote

June 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

I know very well that our democracy is flawed. I know it. I know we mainly cling to the illusion of choice and voice. I know.

But still, every time I vote, I feel this charge of electricity, alive. It’s the one time I think we stop to consider the other people in this country; what they believe and hope for.

I walked through the rain this morning with my voting card in my hand, getting slowly soggy, and felt scared but powerful. Tremulously anxious about what will happen but full of the certainty that I was doing what I could.

I’m not informed enough to be able to say I know what I’ve chosen is right. I’m not confident enough that I’ll be celebrating or mourning tomorrow. I don’t think there’s a winner in this game. We’re all losers and we’ve all embarrassed ourselves.

I hope that in this illusion of choice, the outcome is one that says we’re not unwelcoming, not ungrateful, not unintelligent. The EU isn’t perfect but belonging says we are part of something, together. I want the world to see that we choose them, not just us.

Well Gosh

June 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

I been well busy. I been well, well busy mate.

Between filming, posting, planning, arguing, scrambling, scribbling, learning, panicking and thinking REALLY HARD, it’s been a busy few weeks. I’ve had no time for freelance, no time for blogging, no time for anything really. My grasp on reality and capacity for everyday common sense have been severely depleted.

But the sun is out! The sun is out and I’m wearing sandals like a Greek baby-goddess might buy and I started a D&AD course today about storytelling and it’s Game of Thrones and cauliflower cheese tonight.

I don’t have much else to say, for all the stuff that’s been happening. My grandma turned 93 and I got drunk in the spikiest boots that ever were. I bought five of the same sundress and allowed my best friend to convince me I should have a gym membership. You know, just stuff.


Some Work I’m Proud Of

May 26, 2016 § Leave a comment

One of my favourite things I’ve ever done has launched and I’m so proud. It’s had a really good reaction so far and it feels so good to just get it out there after so much fiddling about.

The campaign is about how parents can support their kids on the way to being safe drivers. It’s not just about paying for lessons and insurance; parents need to be thinking about how their own behaviour in the car influences their children at a young age, as well as helping out with finding the right driving instructor and doing private practice. That sounds arduous but not quite as arduous as months of visiting your child in hospital after they’ve had a terrible car crash.

There’s four more parts to come so the work is FAR from over but I’m excited to have so much great content to play with. You can read about what we’re doing on the ingenie blog and the first video from the campaign is right here:

The world of marketing can feel like a very hollow place when you get out into the woods and think about the fact that you’re just a talking animal. But getting to work on campaigns like this, that could really make a difference to young people’s futures, makes it way less bizarre.

A Slip

May 10, 2016 § Leave a comment

Been worrying about some things and it’s made me have a bit of a derma backslide. Nails are bitten to fuck too. It makes me angry at myself and it also makes me angry at the situation that’s caused it.

But hey – I am in control of what happens to me. If I am unhappy, only I can bring about a change. I just told a bunch of new copywriters that they have to fight for what they want – but I wasn’t doing it myself. Whether I get the results I’d like or not, I would rather try than live with myself in quiet disappointment.

I have my first bloody zumba class tonight. Can’t complain about putting on weight and not do anything about it, can I? I also have an assessment for counselling soon.

MOVES! Making them!

Let it never be said I didn’t hustle.

Short Stories

May 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

I hated short stories. I found them unfulfilling. I was stupid and blind.

Then I did Highbrow’s short story course. They sent me one a day – The Furnished Room by O. Henry, Eveline by James Joyce – and I realised I’d just been reading the wrong short stories.

I suddenly saw how incredible they are – like a snapshot of a situation; the perfect soundbite of verisimilitude. Rich, earthy, crystalline, unctuous description.

So, recently I wrote one for myself. It turned out to be a fairly long short story but it was one none-the-less. And today, I found a proper short story I wrote years ago. What was I thinking? I hated them, didn’t I?

I read it and thought it quite good. Good enough that I’ve published it on Medium, if you’d like a peek.

Read A Dying Sun.

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