Oh, the SHAME

November 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

So…I bought some stuff. I hadn’t spent anything on myself all month and I was feeling good. Staying away from eBay and all blogs in general is very important when I’m trying not to spend money, and as long as I keep away from my netbook in the evenings I’m generally OK…

But then I had to do loads of writing for GKBC so I was powerless to resist the call of online shopping during my mini breaks. Wah! Anyway, swiftly sweeping all guilt under the highly patterned carpet, here’s what I got. EEEEE!

Black platform plimsolls

Platform plimsolls: these are for spiking, which is the art of adding spikes to things you want spikes on. I have 12 gold screw spikes that I liberated from a hideous white pleather collar, and I’m very eager to put them on some shoes. I may spray the soles of these black because the grey looks a little naff, but for £12 you can’t argue!

Double height black creepers

Double creepers: I wear my creepers so often that I felt another pair were needed. I also love chunky shoes in black because I wear black tights 99% of the time and these two things together conspire to give the illusion of slightly longer legs: ain’t no bad thing. Especially if you’re five foot nothing (joking – I’m five foot ONE, that’s a big difference).

Gold spike cuff bracelet          Gold spike ring

Gold spiky jewellery: A gold spiky ring and two gold spiky bracelets. Mmmm, GOLD. And SPIKES. TOGETHER. No explanation needed there.

Sparkly socks: I wear sparkly or lacy socks with creepers a lot, so now I have three new colours in preparation for probably doubling my creepy time with my new pair.

Cable knit leg warmers: Don’t know why. Well maybe I do actually. I used to wear black leg warmers over black baseball boots all the time because I loved the chunky, gothy effect. I reckon these will look PHAT with my gold-spiked black platform plimsolls.

I’ll be styling these up as soon as I get them, so look out (seriously, LOOK OUT OR YOU’LL BE DAMAGED) for some very spiky outfits…

Review: Little Black Dress by Even & Odd at Zalando.co.uk

November 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’ve written about Zalando before, for HOWL. Revisiting them a year later, I can only say that their GINORMOUS clothing and accessories range has grown. I mean, we’re talking THOUSANDS of pairs of shoes here.

Lovely Zalando gave me a lovely voucher, and I set to work (yup, shopping is work if you have to write about it) trawling through about a zillion items to find the one I really REALLY wanted. I actually did so quite quickly, but unfortunately what I really REALLY wanted was a pair of Jeffrey Campbell wedge trainers

Jeffrey Campbell Iversion wedge trainers at Zalando

Now y’all know I don’t even LIKE Jeffrey Campbell but I have to say, these are something else. Zalando have a huge range of Jeffrey Campbell, including designs I’ve not seen elsewhere. Such as the lush pair THAT I WANT DESPERATELY and sat looking at for longer than necessary. And set as my desktop background. And had a dream about.

Anyway – brushing away my tears, I finally settled on a ‘sexy’ little black dress with minimal detailing but great shape. Sexy is in inverted commas here because I would not suppose to present the idea of me wearing a dress as a sexy thing – that is both subjective and debatable. I also found a ring I had a sneaking suspicion would be absolutely crazy lush at the last minute and impulse bought that too (you can see it on HOWL).

The Little Black Dress

Little black dress from Zalando.co.ukIt’s simple. It’s black. It’s flattering. It has gold on it. What’s not to like? It’s possibly a TAD too grown up for me, but it definitely fills a grown-up shaped hole in my wardrobe.

I wore it to a posh party with my favey diamanté-sprinkled blazer, sparkly black wedge smoking slippers, and my new black faux fur stole. I felt very svelte in it (not an experience I’m used to by any means) so that was definitely a huge tick in the satisfaction box!

This dress feels like it will be a good ol’ faithful for years to come, because it’s so easy to dress up and it’s very stretchy (not clingy) and forgiving. I’d give it a 10 for wearability, an 8 for style and a 9 for quality.

I’ve written about another amazing Zalando item I ordered recently on HOWL, take a peek if you like leopard print… I even named Zalando.co.uk our Boutique of the Week, so go check them out!

This Week on HOWL

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My wonderful father brought me a fat stack of style magazines back from Japan and I was amazed by how far fashion has come since the last time he did this. Gone are the pages and pages of frilly lacy pink kitty nonsense – Japanese fashion has been reborn!

I was most taken with ‘Dad’s Style’ which has taken the nation by storm. Go have a look at what I wrote in my HOWL column this week.

This Week We Love... Dad's Style - HOWL Magazine


Excellent Man Quote on Fashion

October 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

“I hope nobody…actually thinks men are worried about this kind of stuff. If you think this scene has ever occurred…

Two young DUDES are at a cocktail party at a trendy Manhattan loft. The first DUDE spots a beautiful YOUNG WOMAN sighing wistfully as she fails to eat anything from the hors d’oeuvre tray. He looks interested in her, but then his eyes pan down to her shoes and he shrieks in ghastly apoplexy.

DUDE 1: “Oh my GOD, I cannot BELIEVE that girl is wearing those fake fur lace-up mules! I was about to go talk to her until I saw…THAT.”

DUDE 2: “How utterly horrid! Perhaps the poor dear took a wrong turn on the way to Wal-Mart and wound up here. But take heart! You may note, there in the corner, a winsome young lass wearing open toed Ginas — Angelica boots if I’m not mistaken — and they match her tasteful Louis Vuitton bag.”

DUDE 1: “Paydirt, bro!”

The DUDES high five.

…you have been living in Wonderbread Land for entirely too long. It’s a scientific fact that 98% of the people who care about what you’re wearing are other women.”

Bloody brilliant.

Monday Addams

October 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

So hey. Yesterday I posted an outfit on Chictopia, which I do maybe three a times a week. It’s mainly because I’m a posey hipster, but it’s also to direct traffic towards HOWL. Usually I get four or five comments, a few votes and that’s it. FAIR ENOUGH.

Yesterday though. Yesterday I posted an outfit I wasn’t even that proud of and between then and now, it’s had 177 votes. WTF? Is there something I don’t know? Like collar tips are to hipsters what keys are to magpies (all I learnt from Postman Pat I’m afraid)? Or maybe there’s some kind of ‘Goth of the Week’ feature I haven’t seen. Whatever it is, I just wish people would appreciate the outfits I actually worked hard on instead of ‘I’m a grumpy orphan’ Mondays.

Here it is, see what you think. I’m stumped.

Chictopia - Honor Clement-Hayes wears Monday Addams

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