Blogger’s Downfall

February 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

Ten minutes ago I did that awful girl thing where you search for something because you saw a girl on a blog wearing it and you thought that if you bought it you would become her, as bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. (What is that? Transmogrification? Transubstantiation? I was big into the Ts in my dictionary phase.)

I mean, these magic boots haven’t arrived yet so it’s still possible but I doubt my thighs are going to lose an inch the minute I shimmy into them. They’re not even real suede. Free post though? 

~Clutches wildly at all the straws tumbling down into a deep chasm of regret~

It’s at times like this that I remember some of the best things I own (plastic skeleton hand hairclips, kids’ leopard coat, platform Goth boots, floor length silver dress) are also some of the cheapest things I own. But then again, I’m not a poor beggar lady any more so here they are, in all their arrogant faux-luxe glory:

Kensington knee boots

Maybe the thighs come with the boots.


Royal Albartross

July 2, 2013 § Leave a comment

Well guess what? My article about Royal Albartross on HOWL has led rather pleasantly to writing a few news stories here and there for the company.

If you didn’t see that piece, Royal Albartross make the most beautiful golf shoes in the world. Now, I’m not golfer. But these shoes are to die for whether you’re a sporty type or not.

Check out my latest piece for The Golf Wire, an American online publication.

Fairway Belle by Royal Albartross

The Fairway Belle by Royal Albartross

Being Ophelia

May 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Honor Clement-Hayes - Oasap

Oh YUM. Oasap sent me a long floaty green maxi skirt and it makes me feel like Ophelia. If you find me floating in a river somewhere, don’t be alarmed. I’m just playing.

Incredibly, this skirt is the perfect length for me. Every single maxi I’ve ever owned has required some clever hitching up or towering heels, as I am about the height of an Ewok. But THIS skirt is obviously designed for tiny little Asian girls, so it’s 100% perfect. Don’t worry if you’re normal though – this is literally brushing the ground on me (I’m five foot one) which is how I like it.

I like that the underskirt is separate from the netting because I often wear sheer skirts over a black mini skirt or gold dress, so it just gives me more options. I quite like the idea of the shiny green bit on its own but I think that may require further experimentation…

This skirt also comes in lilac, which I think would be VRAIMENT beautiful for the summer, and with lots of white and silver in the winter for melancholy moor wandering. With big chunky Dr Martens and a cable knit cardi. Mmmm.

You can see more of how I styled my new skirt on Chictopia.

My Week

April 22, 2013 § Leave a comment

Blackdown hills, Surrey

Gorgeous weekend of lovely drink, lovely food and lovely long walk with hubby. I’ve felt a bit flat recently because we have so little time to dedicate to enjoying each other but this weekend helped a bit.

Having a big week and it’s only Monday! Have got client training on Wednesday; I’m expecting an important visitor who could pounce at any moment; I’ve confirmed a date for something very career-boosting (again, not leaving hibu!); and should be sorting out a VERY VERY VERY exciting project with a rather well-known fashion brand… If only I could spill the beans!

Oh, and starting the second series of Game of Thrones but that doesn’t make me sound very cool at all. Never mind.

Shoe Shelves

February 27, 2013 § Leave a comment

Yes, I know I’ve got a lot of painting to do, but I couldn’t stop myself putting just a FEW pairs on the awaiting shelves…


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