Learning Anew

May 29, 2014 § Leave a comment

Boyfriend is currently discovering the joy of learning. He’s suddenly found himself the resident SEO expert for his company, which says a bit about their SEO knowledge. However, he has girded his loins and set out to learn everything he possibly can about the subject – which means frenzied IMs to me throughout the day.

He doesn’t like not instantly understanding things but he DOES like the sudden click one feels when everything falls into place and the words are no longer a garbled code of nonsense. He even said that he wishes I could explain everything to him: he gets it when I explain. That’s a nice thing to hear.

I’m doing my own learning. I had a bit of a ‘OMG I’VE MADE A MISTAKE’ session last week (after one single day) but the next day I chucked myself at the problem and guess what? I friggin’ FIXED it. I feel in control but just every so slightly veering towards that OMG territory. And THAT, my friends, is where I love to live.

I’m working hard. I’m doing nine hour days, straight through. I’m 100% in love with what I’ve done to myself. I’m so excited about my future with this company and I know I’m on the right path.

I’m reading Ogilvy on Advertising at the moment and with every page I turn, I feel like the man himself is talking straight at me. 20 years have passed since it was published but it still tops the lists of must-reads for marketers, and copywriters in particular. I can see why – he’s a personal mentor for every kid out there who’s trying to make it in the business.

So, all in all, BOOM.

In My First Week I…

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…wrote something that was read 3500 times in its first day

…scripted a video with a BBC actor and watched it get filmed

…got told by my boss that a blog I wrote was ‘better than sex’

…wrote a voice-over for an animation

…spent nine hours staring at Google Analytics

It’s been amazing so far and I’m extremely glad I made this jump. I feel like I’ve been here a lot longer than two weeks as I was kind of chucked in at the deep end in terms of workload and deadlines. But that’s a good thing!

The commute isn’t bad at all, my colleagues are great, the work is interesting and I’m just generally happy.

What more could I possibly ask for?


The New Job

October 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Today I: went to a meeting about testing subject lines for an email campaign, coached NVQ, had a businessy lunch and quoted Mean Girls, created a wireframe for new email creative, emptied my inbox, planned a landing page, planned an article, got some system emails signed off, wore a sparkly skirt and got glitter EVERYWHERE.

It’s all I ever dreamed of. 🙂

It’s Been a While

January 9, 2013 § 1 Comment

Yuh, I’ve been lazy. Terminally. I haven’t been doing any writing at all. In my defence (against my own conscience), I have been dealing with a very distressing tooth abscess (not my own) which has led to many sleepless nights and I’ve just started my new role at work. It’s an exciting and exhausting time, with much thrilling panic of a refreshingly different kind from that which I got used to as a Web Project Manager. Thank the lord for that, eh?

It’s all secret so I can’t really say anything much at all about what I’m doing, but it’s all so crazy and new that there’s everything to play for and important contributions to make. I’m also back in a team of boys only, which is just how I roll. Does tend to make me intensely obnoxious however, on account of being the only team member who gets flappy about any problems (how do men stay so UNFAZED?!). I feel like a caricature of myself sometimes and really have to rein in the shrill whining…

In other news, I am now a blogger for the Oasap Fashion Hunter Program which I’d completely forgotten I’d even applied for. Free shoes in exchange for writing about free shoes? I have absolutely no problem with that whatsoever. I will be brutally honest though – I know lots of bloggers have mixed emotions about Oasap so I’ll try not to be blinded by their ludicrously hypnotic and kaleidoscopically shifting collection!

After this week I’ll make an effort with writing. I’m just trying to find my feet and haven’t even begun copywriting for this new project yet, so it’s strictly learning this week. Ta ta for now. x

Lunch Time Pondering

July 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I got something done for work that I’d been stressing about all week. Today I had an amazing appraisal and an assurance that yes, my pay rise will be implemented as promised (which in this company, I shan’t believe until the minute it actually happens). I also volunteered my services for something that may turn out to be too much work, but if it pays off will be excellent for me…You win some, you lose some.

But still, things are looking promising. Boyfriend has applied for a new job, which he may or may not get, but at least he’s getting off his arse and TRYING to move upwards. I just cannot stand apathy and complacency. I don’t understand a person not wanting to constantly make things better for themselves. I thought it was human instinct, but I’ve found that so many men would rather stay where they’ve got used to than go out on a limb with a possibly massive pay off.

I’m developing more confidence in myself as a valuable and sellable commodity. I know I am good at things now. I’m discovering ‘the adult me’ (vom). Today I was reading through my first book of poems which had been on my to-do list, and I found myself feeling embarrassed by who I used to be, and had to tell myself off for it. There’s no way I can join those two people together, and it’s better to think of that girl as a child I once knew, separate and left behind.

I’m an adult. Crazy I know, and I’ve no idea how I got here. I’ve gone from a  selfish, lazy, self-obsessed, irritatingly precocious child to a functioning adult. Sure I’m still some of those things, but I’m in control. For instance, my manager’s obviously convinced I’m hard working, reliable and confident. I feel like I’ve been lying! But maybe I am that person now. She mentioned how organised I am and I laughed, because inside my head is a rats nest of chaos. But because I’ve known that for so many years, maybe I AM organised now. Being disorganised has forced me to become SUPER organised, without even realising it.

Funny how we never notice things about ourselves until someone else mentions them. Kind of like cellulite.

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