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The Shoe / Writing Nook

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Every now and then I take lots of pictures of my shoes. It just happens. I’ll be choosing which pair to wear and then suddenly I’ll realise just how much I adore my collection. Sadly, most have to be hidden away in my three double wardrobes and even THE LOFT but a few are proudly displayed under and over my desk where I do my thinking and writing and stuff.

As my desk is in my dressing room, these shoes tend to be rotated an awful lot, and I do love to document how they look in different places on the shelves and how they look with the changing seasons. LAME I KNOW, but at least it’s not stamps or railway timetables. Although Boyfriend would probably prefer that.

Anyway, here’s a winter version of The Shoe Shelves – sandals away, sparkles out in force.

The Shoe Shelves

My Writing Nook

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Writing Nook - Honor Clement-Hayes of HOWL Magazine

The writing nook, where I shall create great things from abstract strings of disparate words.

Most probably about shoes and glittery nail varnish to be honest.

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