When the Big Guys Shit On the Little Guys

March 22, 2016 § Leave a comment

Instagram’s doing it, Twitter’s doing it – chronological timelines will soon be a thing of the past. Sure, we’ll get over it in like a week once all the folks in digital marketing have published their blogs and started tweeting about something else.

But what about small businesses?

All the illustrators, sculptors, tattoo artists, furniture makers and makeup artists I follow on Instagram are very dismayed by the direction their number one platform for brand building is taking.

They have small followings and social signals compared to big brands, and Instagram is planning on deprioritising them – clearly, because they aren’t the ones spending on ads.

I wrote about it for Yell – go see.

Non-verbal Communication in UI

January 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

The UI is part of [a] user’s digital body language.

Very interesting. WHAT we say can only go so far in relaying our intended message. When there’s a lack of body language (in digital, most particularly), we look for other non-verbal signs. Depending on the UI (user interface – how things look) this can be skewed in different ways.

An example is between a Facebook wall post and a chat message. The chat popup window is very small and skinny, so your messages are going to look like they contain more text.

I don’t like posting in one message, like it’s a letter – it feels too overthought. I like posting my thoughts as I have them, so my message appears as several short messages. I’ve often thought this makes me look desperate and like I’m trying too hard or dominating the conversation, but that’s the way my thoughts happen.

Now there’s statistical evidence that my fears were correct: we do judge people on this difference in digital appearance.

Designers must be aware of their role in social UIs and give the same thought to social dynamics that they would to legibility, scalability and others. They must be aware of what social friction they are introducing or reducing, and they need to ask themselves, “How will this UI make my user look to others?” and “How will this UI affect the quality of social interactions?”

Quite weird to think that this HUGE part of how our communication is judged has been designed by others. I choose my clothes because they fit with how I want others to think of me. I can choose my notepaper, I can get my personality across on a call with my voice.

I can’t control the medium that I most often use to relay personal, emotional meaning: social media. The way my words are perceived is strongly affected by how they’re framed. Is this why emojis have become so popular?

Go see the interesting evidence.

Recent Posts

April 28, 2015 § Leave a comment

I’ve been kind of obsessed with Instagram lately. My last two blogs for Yell revolved around influencers on social and how to connect with them.

Check ’em out:

Cool ways to show off your business with Instagram

Getting bloggers onside: how to approach an influencer

Now, I’m on holiday this week which means no Yell post from me, so please don’t sit refreshing the Knowledge Centre hoping for a serving of solid digital know-how and perky wit. There will be even less than usual.


We Are the Champions

December 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Digital Champion Honor Clement-Hayes

That’s me being all champion-like. With tea.

Today I was announced as the first Digital Champion for hibu’s new corporate responsibility initiative. Pretty sweet. This is what they said about my first web presence assessment:

“Digital champions in action

Digital champion Honor Clement-Hayes, a Yellsites Web Project Manager, worked closely with a London based online business to help develop its brand and digital presence. She assessed the website and then provided practical tips and guidance that the owner could easily implement to help improve the website’s design, its SEO and social media activities.”

I feel I should mention I wrote two of these in a week and they were 3000 words each. I don’t like to undersell myself as you know.

Buzzzzzzzzy Girl

November 8, 2012 § 1 Comment

I'm Busy!

I’ve been a pretty busy bee recently, squirrelling away at lots of different projects. Yuh, mixed zoomorphic metaphors there but I don’t care.

One thing I’ve been doing pretty much constantly is guest blogging all over the place. I’ve written about everything from social media to Harry Potter and it’s so much fun. Here’s some of my posts:

 The Greenest Buildings in Asia – this one is about the incredible leaps and bounds in the world of eco building.

Designing the Perfect Eco-friendly Bathroom

Building Your Brand with Social Media & Networking

How to Launch the Perfect Social Media 

The Top 5 Weirdest Foods – hilarious to write as there are some incredibly bizarre snacks out there!

It’s been really weird getting used to having my words stuffed into other people’s layouts because I’m so used to styling my columns for HOWL, where I get to pick every last detail. I cringe at every slight addition, not because it’s necessarily wrong, just because I didn’t create it!

So between that, my job, HOWL and a few collaboration type things…I might die of writing. If I don’t, I’ll update you again soon. But not too soon. Because I’m BUSY, OK?!

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