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June 15, 2020 § 2 Comments

I’m doing a strategy course. Part of that is relearning what an ‘idea’ is. Too often, we confuse thoughts with ideas, or consider linear thinking to be as idea-generating as lateral thinking.

Orderly thoughts – linear – concern related things that go together.

New ideas come at the point where two unrelated things collide. That’s lateral thinking.

This morning, a combination of those ways of thinking generated an old thought for a new reason: I should be blogging.

Here’s my thought process:

What do I love doing? What do I always say I wish was a job?

Journalling and collaging. Finding vintage clothes. Styling. Writing.

OK – those are not difficult to work with. Here’s an idea: how about you go back to writing about the vintage you’re finding, and documenting how you’re styling it with photos and collages from your journal?

Like, obviously.

My why

I write a lot, for money and for myself. But the writing I do for myself isn’t disciplined. It doesn’t develop me; it documents me.

I want more output. I need more creative practice. I desire higher quality than chucking snaps on Instagram.

It’s lockdown, baby. I’m at home all day, I can wear whatever I want and I have the time to help some part of me flourish. My courgettes are thriving – I want that.

Some things are going to change around here

I registered the domain archcopy.co.uk two years ago. I’m Honor Augusta Rose Clement-Hayes and I do everything with a small raise of an eyebrow, so it’s always felt fitting. I seem to remember I actually dreamed the name.

So, today felt like the day to just…use it. Change the Twitter handle, clean up the look of this scruffy little blog and use the service I pay for.

In two weeks’ time, I’ll be 31. I’ll have had this thing for a decade. It’s been a fairly poor representation of who I am throughout the years and now is a good opportunity to right that wrong.

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