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I wake at five, the damp air kissing my cheeks, and my eyes slam open.
As I slither from my bed, I can hear distant screams. Mother.
I do not smile.
But I feel something I suppose could be happiness.

The grounds start appearing out of the mist,
lumps of sullen stone that had meaning once.
Bon matin, grand-mère. Do you sleep well?
Pourrir en morceaux, grand-père. Maybe one day we’ll find them all.

I am a spectre descending noiselessly down the stairs.
You would not hear me coming.
There is a shimmery delight to that knowledge;
I own you all, you basic peons asleep in your beds.

We do not rest on pretty, on phatic communion.
We do not bow, or bend, or erode.
We are Addams.
And this bleak morning is a glory to us.

Chanelling Wednesday Addams

February 16, 2015 § 2 Comments

Wednesday Addams has been a role model of mine since childhood. Great catchphrases, shattering put-downs, amazing dress sense…what’s not to like?

This video is an imagining of how an adult Wednesday would deal with a minor annoyance like MEN.

More here.

Monday Addams

October 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

So hey. Yesterday I posted an outfit on Chictopia, which I do maybe three a times a week. It’s mainly because I’m a posey hipster, but it’s also to direct traffic towards HOWL. Usually I get four or five comments, a few votes and that’s it. FAIR ENOUGH.

Yesterday though. Yesterday I posted an outfit I wasn’t even that proud of and between then and now, it’s had 177 votes. WTF? Is there something I don’t know? Like collar tips are to hipsters what keys are to magpies (all I learnt from Postman Pat I’m afraid)? Or maybe there’s some kind of ‘Goth of the Week’ feature I haven’t seen. Whatever it is, I just wish people would appreciate the outfits I actually worked hard on instead of ‘I’m a grumpy orphan’ Mondays.

Here it is, see what you think. I’m stumped.

Chictopia - Honor Clement-Hayes wears Monday Addams

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