I’ve Realised a Few Things Today

July 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Fruit tea does NOT taste how it smells. My free Twinings Strawberry & Mango smells and looks like heaven…and tastes like sour water.

If you complain enough as a consumer, you WILL get what you want. I complained to Tesco because they delivered our television to the wrong house and they gave me a £15 refund Рnice!

No one cares that I can’t magically do everything right first time because I haven’t been trained properly – in the world of new media and online marketing, if you don’t just GET IT DONE quickly and silently, you are an idiot who deserves to die.

My new manager is extremely nice because she doesn’t know yet. She’ll know soon.


Something Wrong

June 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Schin Loong

Been having chest pains today, and felt extremely dizzy while I was on the phone with a customer and had to fight really hard against it to keep from blacking out. I rarely have problems that a bit of shouting and crying won’t sort out, but my work is one of them. Sometimes no matter what you do, it’s just not enough. I’ve stayed at my desk every day this week, not even leaving for lunch, just in case this one customer calls me. He was angry about how long his project was taking so I did everything I could – including getting a senior designer to abandon all his other work to help – to get him his copy that same day. And I haven’t heard from him since. Every time I call his office I’m told he’s out to lunch or he hasn’t turned up. I’m starting to think that he’s telling them not to put me through. Every time I think about the account I get a stab of panic to my heart, and this is going to continue until I can get him to do a proof call with me. At least then the worst would be over.

But enough of this. Another customer saw his website and said ‘WOW. It’s so…PROFESSIONAL’. So that made me very happy. And I put four sites live yesterday, which is the most anyone’s ever done in our department. Even though I did that, and THEN was told by my manager I’d missed a step. But still, done!

In other news, it’s my birthday on Monday. Got to go to the opticians on Saturday, my Godmother is coming to visit on the Sunday, doctor on Monday and probably hangover on Tuesday. Oh, and potentially a proof call with a stubborn customer on my birthday as well. If I can fit it in around going to the doctor and, I don’t know, doing the¬†recycling perhaps. Birthdays really do get less exciting as you get older.

I Need a More Effective Happy Place

June 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Every morning, I get up and tell myself that today will be different. Today, I will not let myself get frustrated and stressed and panicky. It generally lasts until about 9-9.30, when something will come up and I will be instantly submerged into terror territory.

This morning, that had happened by 8.30. This is a new low for me, as usually I am the only person in the office until about 8.45, and then it takes most of my colleagues at least 20 minutes to settle down and start causing problems for me. But today I had a nice early start to the day’s torture.

The main trouble is, as soon as I start on something that is vitally important and should have been done yesterday, another problem comes up. I factor in time for these problems, but there’s always one that completely blind sides me, and I am often ASTOUNDED by the stupidity of the people making the mistakes. Of course I make mistakes, mea maxima culpa, but these are little irritating pointless mistakes that hold up an already delayed process by DAYS.

I am incredibly stressed out right now and it’s only going to get worse. I literally need a computer in my brain as well as the ability to not care if people hate me so I could MAKE THEM ALL DO THEIR BLOODY JOBS.

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